Solutions That Span Several Industries

At GLAD International Holdings, LLC, our experience is marked by collaboration with companies across several industries. And, by leveraging our team’s proven expertise, we’re able to work one-on-one with companies to navigate regulations and overcome common roadblocks to successful technical products, services, and solutions.

Our Primary Industries

While we work in several industries, our primary work is focused in several key areas in both the healthcare and environmental industries. As such, we’re able to offer a distinct advantage to companies seeking consulting products and services designed for their unique needs.

Our primary industries include

Health Systems

For over a decade, we’ve been partnering with hospitals and other health systems to identify and integrate technical solutions that generate additional revenue while facilitating patient access to healthcare. Now, as we take our health care strategies, utilities, and systems abroad, we’ve extended our reach and influence further than ever before.


Typically, the petroleum industry demands innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions as less than half of an oil reservoir can be removed through traditional pump and flooding methods. Through Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), we’re able to greatly increase recoverable petroleum while doing so in a green manner that aligns with our company beliefs.


All utility industries demand site cleanups and environmental remediation and at GLAD International Holdings, LLC, we offer turnkey services and solutions to ensure you can successfully complete any projects, regardless of how challenging they may be.


It’s vital to keep construction sites safe for workers and for the future structure itself. As such, we offer remediation services for contaminated sites to properly manage safety, costs, schedules, designs, and regulations to keep projects on-track without compromising basic needs.


Tackling environmental waste remediation and health care strategies head-on are common issues tasked to the government. At GLAD International Holdings, LLC, our technical consulting products and services are designed to handle these complex issues to handle naturally occurring and industrial waste removal as well as healthcare needs with simple, straightforward solutions.

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With well over 100 years of combined expertise, GLAD International Holdings, LLC is your resource for cost-effective, green solutions for environmental and healthcare industry needs.

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