Healthcare Consulting for Financial and Patient Gains

Healthcare is a pressing concern for healthcare systems, governments, and other entities both at home and abroad. But with constantly changing regulations and needs, properly managing issues that arise and optimizing business for financial and patient gains can be difficult.

At GLAD International Holdings, LLC, we view our technical consulting products and services as an essential resource for a variety of companies and organizations. By leveraging our unique expertise, you can take advantage of innovative technologies designed to generate additional revenue while facilitating patient access to healthcare.

Our Health System Technology Solutions

Known for our renowned expertise in healthcare system solutions, we offer a broad range of technologies and products to meet all of your consulting needs. Currently, these solutions include:

  • Health systems.
  • Diabetes management and healthcare direct.
  • Improved revenue streams in cardiac care and lab testing services.
  • Reducing airborne pathogens, such as MRSA and Ebola, within the hospital environment.
  • Specialty pharmacy services.
  • Cardiac care, including mobile stress testing for rural areas.
  • Neuropathy testing.
  • Reducing airborne pathogens in hospitals using advanced technologies to reduce liability, improve patient outcomes, and exceed regulatory
  • requirements for hospitals.
  • Staffing in hospitals, physician offices, and other.

A Dedicated Team of Physicians and Other Experts Working for You

Our team offers over 100 years of combined experience from physicians, former hospital administrators, and globally respected business people with a varied range of expertise. As a result, the changing healthcare environment is made manageable for your company as we improve outcomes for both patients and your organization.

This means that regardless of whether you’re a hospital, private physician practice, or other health-related institution, you can leverage our unique expertise for your benefit.

Efforts That Extend From at Home to Abroad

Recently, we’ve enjoyed success in programs we’ve established in India and Ghana to facilitate the treatment of diabetes and other comorbid conditions, including hypertension.

Specifically, diabetes is a pervasive problem in India, with up to 80 million p rojected cases in existence by the year 2030. In response, we provided a message of hope and healing to those who cannot afford medical care rather than further assisting wealthy citizens who can afford treatment.

And, by rolling out a comprehensive diabetes management plan in association with Novo Nordisk and Abbott, we’ve been able to implement a plan to assist citizens without the means to do so themselves.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Healthcare Consulting Services

At GLAD International Holdings, LLC, our consulting services have already produced measurable change in the United States and abroad. Now, we want to do the same for your healthcare organization.

Contact our team today at 1-615-406-2633 or by email at or slot machine apps for computer,to discuss your unique needs. We look forward to working with you to navigate the complex regulatory healthcare environment and identify solutions that benefit both you and your patients.