Distinctive Expertise
That Drives Your Company

In the ever-changing landscapes of both the environmental and healthcare industry, strategic consulting matters when it comes to navigating the volatile regulations. And when you want solutions crafted by respected experts in several fields, GLAD International Holdings, LLC can help.

Our team leverages their technical and consulting expertise to provide products and services focused on environmental waste remediation and healthcare strategies. By doing so, we produce cost-effective solutions critical to the success of construction companies, hospital systems, and countless others.

Critical Solutions for Complex Problems

Complex issues are common in the environmental and healthcare industries. As such, identifying solutions that make sense for your company from a financial and social perspective is vital for the long-term success of your business.

At GLAD International Holdings, LLC, we provide a varied range of products and services for our clients, including:

Healthcare Strategies

Our healthcare strategies include health systems, diabetes management and healthcare direct, enhancing patient access to care, improving revenue streams in cardiac care and lab testing services, and reducing airborne pathogens (MRSA, Ebola, etc.) within hospital environments.

Environmental Waste Remediation

Includes services for oil spills, hydrocarbon removal, coal ash, pit capping, soil stabilization, natural products for hydrocarbon and chlorinated hydrocarbon remediation, and production methods that enhance products for the ethanol, beer, and wine industry.

Learn More About OurConsulting Services

If you are interested in consulting that can drive your business forward for long-term success, contact our team todayat 1-615-406-2633 or by email at are casino chips clay or casino card games best odds of winning australia, you can do the same.

We look forward to working with you to leverage our expertise to best meet your needs.