Broad Expertise That Delivers Focused Results

At GLAD International Holdings, LLC, we focus on doing one thing and doing it well: providing exceptional consulting solutions and technical services for all of our clients.

This means that regardless of whether you are a healthcare company seeking to generate additional revenue or are in the environmental industry and seeking cost- effective remediation efforts, our team of experts is the only resource you need.

Simple Solutions for Complex Issues

Our team understands that the ever-changing landscape in both the environmental and healthcare industries are problematic for companies that must navigate this volatile field. And at GLAD International Holdings, LLC, we partner with companies to identify and implement the best possible products and services.

Known for our environmentally-friendly solutions, we serve everyone from oil and petroleum companies to group physician practices and everything in-between. By doing so, we are able to leverage our diversified consulting expertise to clarify solutions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

A Diversified Team That Can Address All Issues

With a well-respected team that lends over 100 years of combined expertise to each of our clients, our insight eluci 7dates solutions for both the healthcare and environmental industries.

That’s because our consultants include physicians, former hospital administrators, engineers and globally-respected business people. As a result, clients are able to seize solutions identified specifically for their needs or issues.

Get in Touch With Our Team

Since 2004, GLAD International Holdings, LLC has been providing premium quality solutions to companies just like yours. Now, by contacting our company at 1-615-406-2633 or by email at or you can do the same.

We look forward to partnering with your company to research, identify, and implement solutions that seamlessly and strategically integrate with your business.